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Privacy Notice

Last updated: 26th March 2019.

This privacy notice is effective from 25th May 2018. It is updated on a regular basis, but if you find any of the information out-of-date, or have questions you would like to ask, please contact us on


The DMA believe that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mirrors a long-held view about the need to place the customer at the heart of everything that marketers do.

We follow the same principles at Popcorn:

  • Put our partners first

  • Respect privacy and meet partners’ expectations

  • Be honest, be fair, be transparent

  • Exercise diligence with data

  • Take responsibility, honour accountability

And as such, this privacy notice outlines all the ways Popcorn processes data and why, and how any individual can easily remove themselves from that activity should they wish.


We only send marketing information we believe is relevant and doesn’t infringe upon your rights.

In line with GDPR, our marketing activity rests on ‘legitimate interests’. In order to be competitive in our market we deploy carefully crafted marketing activity to select business contacts. We do so, believing this information will be relevant to their role and necessary for them to stay up-to-date on developments in the industry. We process limited and strictly relevant individual data, ensure that the data remains up-to-date, and ensure that anyone can quickly and easily opt-out of receiving marketing contact any time they wish. This privacy notice outlines the ways in which individuals may come into contact with Popcorn, or the ways Popcorn might contact them, and how the individual’s data is processed and protected following GDPR instruction.


Google Analytics

By analysing our most and least popular pages, Google Analytics help us understand what you want to find out from Popcorn – and to make sure we keep on delivering the most relevant information. When someone visits we use Google Analytics to collect standard details of visitor behaviour patterns. We do this to find out things such as the number of visitors to the various parts of the site. This information is aggregated in a way which does not identify anyone.

Search engines

Your searches remain completely anonymous. Search engines only provide Popcorn with anonymised search terms. This means that we often have no access to the specific search terms used to arrive at the Popcorn website (for example ‘Piccadilly Lights advertising’ or ‘premium DOOH’). Even when terms are available to us they remain anonymised and non-identifiable.

On-site searches

Anonymous search information tells Popcorn what’s missing from the website or isn’t clearly signposted, and therefore what website visitors want to find out more about. No user-specific data is collected using the on-site search. We collect these search terms to better understand what people are interested in, whether or not they have difficulty finding it, and whether there is something missing that we should add to our website.

Use of cookies by Popcorn Outdoor

Cookies have a variety of uses – from ensuring this website runs properly, through to measuring video views. You can read more about how we use cookies on our Cookies page



Using email and direct mail marketing to keep our customers well-informed about developments that are relevant to their role.

We use a third-party provider, Act-On, to deliver email marketing.

The data we hold on individuals to whom we send marketing emails is limited to: email address, first name, surname, salutation, business address, business phone, job title, company name, the date the contact was last updated and historical data on website browsing.

Act-On tracks the open and click rate of Popcorn’s email marketing activity which is then linked to an individual. If a recipient clicks on an email, they have the option to accept or refuse to let Act-On place a cookie on their browser to monitor this activity.

Gathering statistics around marketing email opening and clicks help us monitor and improve our email marketing. This data helps us to ensure our marketing contact only contains information our recipients will be interested in.

Gathering information around what pages prove to be popular helps us assess the impact of our marketing activity and measure which campaigns prove to be effective at influencing sales activity – necessary for our commercial success.

This information is kept secure, to a minimum and is only accessible by Popcorn employees. Act-On keep all data stored on their servers in Ireland. For more information, please see Act-On’s privacy notice.

Act-On and ALF Insight

Using direct mail and email marketing to reach out to potential customers as unobtrusively as possible.

Although for the purposes of email marketing the majority of our contacts come from our CRM (Salesforce) – and are therefore existing business contacts – on occasion we use the services of ALF Insight to source contacts we are certain will find specific email marketing (or direct mail) content relevant to their role.

To do so we export business-related data, limited to: email address, first name, surname, salutation, business address, job title, company name, brand name.

Once the email marketing activity is complete we delete the individual’s data from Act-On within six months of sending the campaign. We keep the data for this length of time to report on data trends across our website and email marketing and to monitor our sales.

For more information on ALF’s GDPR policies, please visit their website or to opt out of their database, please email



We respect your right to unsubscribe or opt out.

We include an unsubscribe link in every one of Popcorn’s marketing emails.

However, if you have been receiving marketing emails from us and wish to opt-out you can also do so by emailing

As with all opt-outs from our email marketing activity, the only data that remains on our system is the email address that opted out of our marketing activity. This is stored so that it can’t be re-added. No other data on the individual is retained.


We use direct mail rarely, and only to enhance our customers’ experience with Popcorn.

On occasion and for very specific promotions we will send direct mail to our partners and to business individuals we expect to be interested in certain campaigns. On those occasions we will have obtained the business postal address of the individuals from our Salesforce CRM and/or from ALF Insight, as outlined in the email marketing section above.

Should you prefer not to receive such communications from us, please email us at


We take our security responsibilities seriously.

Popcorn uses a third-party service to help maintain the security and performance of the Popcorn website. To deliver this service it processes the IP addresses of visitors to the site.

These IP addresses are not tied to any other form of identification.

This monitoring protects the website and Popcorn’s data integrity from malicious attacks.


We delete the data as soon as possible.

Popcorn has one Twitter profiles#, @RockBox_OOH

On this platform it is possible for you to contact us directly with a private message.

If you send us a private or direct message via social media the message will be stored for a maximum of three months, unless in the case of a complaint that needs investigating.

In the case of a complaint the message will be kept for as long as is necessary to resolve the issue. It will not be shared with third parties, unless in the case of a complaint that needs resolving in conjunction with others, such as a contractor. In such a case we will share the message with as few people as possible and make clear the necessity of respecting the privacy of any individual involved, by asking third parties to not share the message any further and delete it as soon as a resolution has been reached.


This privacy notice only applies to the Popcorn domain.

This privacy notice does not cover the links within this site linking to other websites. We encourage you to read the privacy statements on the other websites you visit.


We do share identifiable data with third parties.

On occasion we share anonymised, aggregated performance data with third parties (such as landlords) when discussing marketing campaigns or website activity. For example, we may write a report listing the number of campaigns completed in a quarter, how many individuals they went to, and how many subsequently opened the email and clicked on it.

The data in such an instance would remain non-identifiable and that is the only way in which we would share data with third parties.

In the event of unpaid account your account information held will be shared with our appointed Debt Collection Agency/Solicitors.


If you want to request information about our privacy policy or have concerns or questions, you can email us using or write to: Privacy 97 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 4QA

© 2019 Popcorn Outdoor Limited, 97 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 4QA
Registered in England, No. 05309128. All Rights Reserved

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