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What’s been running with RockBox October 2021

Another great month here at RockBox. Really good to see our music venues busy with both shows and people, some niiiiice campaigns running too! On campus, Freshers' seems to still be rolling on into November with most inventory booked up.

Here's a quick run through of some of our favourite campaigns in Oct. Please feel free to reach out if you would like a full photo report or more info.

Absolute Radio: Dave Berry Morning Show > Music Venues

Nice campaign, planned around artist shows that appeal to the target audience, running through to Xmas.

Jägermeister: Cold Brew Coffee > Campus and Student Pubs

Reaching students on campus and in student pubs.

SJM Concerts: Promoting Nathan Dawe gigs on campus> Campus

Using different creative in each location to promote individual tour dates

The Royal Voluntary Society: > Campus

Encouraging students to volunteer in their community

Off Limits Records: Deemun single launch > Music Venues and Campus

Working with Rebel Cat Media we helped promote the new single launch

The University of Law > Campus

As ever, plenty more still running or that we can't share yet. Please drop us a line for full photo reports / 020 7907 0840


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