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What’s been running with RockBox - Jan 2023

We've had a great start to the year at RockBox with plenty of new campaigns running. On campus we saw a bunch of campaigns starting for the "Re-Freshers" period when all the students return. Pubs and venues also had some nice bookings as we continued the roll out of more independent venues.

AEG Recruitment: Campus, + Student Pubs

A regular booking, AEG again used our wide reach with London students to recruit venue staff and their career roles.

McDonald's > Campus Proximity

A regular long term booking. We loved the copy on this artwork, perfect for a student audience. Hard not to want one after reading.

Talk Talk > Venues and Pubs

Talk Talk ran across RockBox venues and pubs in proximity to their target locations. Here's a pic from the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth.

University of Law> Campus

Another repeat booker, UOL reaching students across the country on campus with 6 Sheets and digital screens.

War Child, Brits Week > Campus, Venues, Student Pubs

Nice campaign running in London, Bristol and Manchester. Showing the incredible line ups for the Brits week shows in each city.

Wrigley's Gum, Mars > Campus

We loved the tie in with Re-Freshers, whether intended or not! Nice way to reach students and offer a chance to win festival tickets.

Specsavers, recruitment > Campus

We worked with Specsavers make students aware of their career opportunities. Need your eyes testing if you missed this... !

Teach First, recruitment > Campus

Teach First also ran a recruitment campaign using a QR response. Showing more post uni opportunities and reaching students while plans for the future are fresh in their minds after the break.

Dr Pepper Zero> Campus

Catchy creative from drinks brand Dr Pepper. Reaching students in proximity to the main ATL campaign. Loved the copy on this one, very engaging.

Department for Education> Campus

Multiple creatives to attract students to a career in teaching. Excellent way to stay front of mind with returning students.

Schuh and New Balance > Campus - Store re-opening

Using both 6 Sheets and digital screens it was hard for Liverpool Uni students to miss. A great way to work locally and let students know about the opening.

Tottenham Hotspurs > Campus, Venues and Pubs

Reaching students and gig goers across London for an upcoming fixture. Women's football has a lower ticket price and is an ideal one to reach out to students and get them to the ground.

Nadia Sheikh> Campus, Venues and Pubs

We worked on a new single release with emerging artist Nadia Sheikh. It was awesome to see the response to this track as it reached people on campus, venues and pubs nationwide.

Still as ever, plenty more still running or that we can't share yet. Please drop us a line for full photo reports / 020 7907 0840


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