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What’s been running with RockBox: May 2022

Hope everyone is enjoying the better weather and looking forward to the long weekend ☀☀ . Here’s a quick update on what’s been running on RockBox screens of late.

Campus continues in full swing well into the summer with great footfall and we have been running campaigns with laptops, streamers, festivals and a bunch more. Our new hall screens are coming into their own and extending campaigns into student accommodation more than ever.

Don’t forget, the next big event in the student calendar is Freshers 2022!

This is a pivotal moment to reach students after 2 years of stop and start and the first "proper" Freshers' period post Covid. Competition will be fierce from brands and now is the best time to be planning and optioning your campaigns to reach an audience who are robust to cost of living increases and have fixed disposable income.

Back to what's been running:

Dell XPS: Laptops > Campus + Student Halls

Back again with an eye catching campaign to reach students over the exam period and get their attention while they plan ahead for new laptop purchases for next term.

Amazon Prime: Lovestruck High > Campus

A perfect way to announce the launch of a new reality dating show to students.

Warehouse Project: Manchester Club Nights > Campus + Student Pubs

Nice preview campaign targeting Manchester students and surrounding cities and towns. These nights are going to be huuuuuuge.

Electric Woodlands Festival > Campus and Student Pubs

Brilliant line up this year, great idea to target students in surrounding cities.

McDonald's: McPlant> Campus

Continuing to target students on campus in close proximity to stores. The McPlant is very popular with increasingly environmentally conscious students.

Still, as ever, plenty more still running or that we can't share yet. Please drop us a line for full photo reports / 020 7907 0840

Have a great weekend!


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