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What’s been running on RockBox student screens this month - October

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Welcome to what will be a regular update for clients and partners and a quick run through of what’s been live on our media recently.

Freshers was clearly going to be different this year. We worked with our clients to ensure campaigns were delivered effectively and priced according to live footfall data at the time. We went into the Freshers period expecting around 50% of normal footfall in our campus locations. This remains true, a small number of campuses have now closed until the new year and have been removed from planning options until then.

We are working around local lockdowns and allowing clients flexibility to adjust plans in real time to make sure they reach the right audience.

Students, even in Tier 3, are still able to visit campus and the students’ union. They are also able to visit our student pubs sites in most cases and enjoy food and live sport. Given that they typically live in accommodation of 5+ other students, many can visit in groups and this is more so the case in our student pub sites.

Please reach out to your rep or for a full report on any of the below.

In early October Freshers really kicked off with a huge run for Fifa 21 across our student screens. It was great to work on this campaign again for the second year in a row. Here’s an image from Royal Holloway, as you can see, the screen is in a prominent position at the entrance of the students' union. Despite many courses now being taught online, students are still visiting campus.

We ran a host of local proximity screens mixing multiple campuses and student pub screen sites. As an example, up in Dundee we combined campus and student pub screens to promote student offers for Megabus:

I Saw It First joined in on campus and pub screens hitting the Freshers audience arriving:

We worked with a new dating app, Love at First Swipe, to reach students in pubs and help them connect with their fellow Freshers….

A new book, Digital Darwinism by Tom Goodwin featured heavily on our screens reaching student creatives and we would strongly recommend reading to anyone working in media or with an interest in digital disruption.

We are also working with and proud to support the with their campaign responding to the government's poorly placed advert encouraging creatives to retrain. The artwork by designer James Swan is a perfect response that our audiences have enjoyed.

Thanks for reading, if you are a planner and would like your campaign to be featured in next month’s round up, please reach out to your contact here. If you would like to know more about using our formats, we have several great packs available now to reach students over Black Friday week, Christmas and then Jan Re-Freshers. You can reach the team on


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