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Update on Students returning to campus next month:

In previous updates we have covered why campus OOH might be a strong option in 18-24 and student planning over Q4. We have also covered the technical aspects of how campuses will operate and what blended learning actually consists of. The following is designed to be a quick read which can be extracted for client information.

What does all this mean for RockBox OOH screens and posters on campus and your clients?:

  • 900,000+ first year students will be arriving at University for the first time.

  • Nearly 2 million students in total will be back on campus.

  • Digital and social advertising will reach saturation with a bombardment of deals and offers for students.

  • Clients who combine this with OOH on campus will stand out and see the best results.

  • Our screens are located in the Students’ Union buildings. These are the heart of each campus and provide most student facilities. They also offer study areas, shops, bars, gyms and chill out areas. All of these are open. In short, our screens are still where the students will be.

The full details:

  • More students are arriving on campus and attending university than last year.

  • Ucas accepted places are up and the recent exams and clearing news show demand is higher than ever.

  • Most students are on campus from 21st September or earlier. Some campuses have decided to start a couple of weeks later and some earlier. We are starting freshers campaigns by location to allow for these different dates.

  • Face to face teaching is taking place. A combination of blended learning and online lectures will allow all students to move through the campus in rotation, shifts, to allow for social distancing.

  • This means that all students will visit campus in similar frequency to last year, just more spread out through the day and week and not all at the same time.

  • The 10am Monday morning Lecture is no longer the busiest time for example. The working day is 8am to 8pm, students attend a portion of this each. Some Students’ Unions will be open 24/7.

  • On many campuses students will be living in bubbles based on their course and classes. This is new from previous years, for example, all History students will be living together. This means they can still socialise together, have a drink, study and take part in communal activities and classes. They will not be staying in their dorm rooms alone.

  • Footfall and Impacts: Each campus has its own provisions in place to facilitate the services a Students’ Union would normally offer. Some campuses are expecting normal footfall numbers and have created additional space such as temporary marquee or an annexation of a music venue area. We estimate an average of at least 50% impacts based on our data from September 2019. This should increase week by week as confidence returns and as the national infection rate lowers or is managed more efficiently.

A full run through on all of the above with insight and analysis is available to read on the link below. This includes several answers to likely client objections and questions that may help you put forward campus OOH plans that would benefit their student campaign.

Student OOH is still a great asset to any marketing mix and we have adjusted our offering to make it accessible and more flexible. Our cancellation and deferment terms allow flexibility in the event of local lockdowns and unforeseen Covid-19 related circumstances. Clients can book with confidence and not be held to a deal if the situation changes.

We have several large scale packs available at significant discount for freshers and beyond to suit most budget types. If you would like more information on this please reach out to your sales representative or


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