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The Ultimate Guide to Reaching UK University Students: A Crash Course with RockBox

Are you struggling to reach UK university students? Fear not, because RockBox is here to help you rock the advertising game. As an out of home advertising company with digital screens in UK universities, we know a thing or two about how to grab the attention of the student demographic.

So, let's dive into the ultimate guide to reaching UK university students with RockBox:

Students Are Always Connected

It's no secret that UK university students are always connected. According to a study by Ofcom, 99% of students own a smartphone, and they spend an average of 28 hours a week online. This means that digital advertising on handsets is a highly saturated format in which to try to reach students. RockBox's digital screens on campus are eye-catching and impossible to miss, providing the perfect opportunity to grab the attention of the student demographic. Additionally, according to a study by JCDecaux, digital out-of-home advertising has a recall rate of 83%, making it an effective way to increase brand awareness among students.

Freshers' Week is Key

Freshers' Week is the holy grail for brands looking to reach UK university students. During this time, students are eager to discover new brands and experiences, making it the perfect time to launch a marketing campaign. With RockBox's digital screens on campus, you can make a big impact during Freshers' Week and beyond.

Campus is a Captive Audience

With lectures, seminars, and study sessions, UK university students spend a lot of time on campus. This means that advertising screens in campus locations provide a captive audience for brands. RockBox's digital screens are strategically placed in high-traffic areas on campus, ensuring maximum exposure for your brand.

Target Specific Campuses

With over 130 universities in the UK, it can be challenging to target specific campuses with mobile and social media. However, with RockBox's digital screens, you can target specific campuses and locations to maximise the impact of your campaign. Whether you want to target students in London or Manchester, we've got you covered.


Humour Is Key

When it comes to reaching UK university students, humour is key. According to a study by Student Beans, 85% of students say that brands that make them laugh are more likely to grab their attention. With RockBox's creative team, we can help you create a funny and memorable campaign that resonates with the student demographic.

Interactive Campaigns

Interactive campaigns are a great way to engage UK university students with out-of-home advertising. Whether it's a social media contest or an augmented reality experience, interactive campaigns can be highly effective at capturing the attention and interest of students. For example, you could run a competition where students take a photo of themselves with your ad on campus and share it on social media for a chance to win a prize. This can create a sense of excitement and engagement around your brand, as well as providing an opportunity for user-generated content that can be used to further promote your campaign.

Localised Campaigns

Students are highly engaged with their local communities, so localised campaigns can be highly effective at reaching this demographic. By featuring local landmarks, sports teams, or events, you can create a sense of connection and relevance with students, making them more likely to engage with your brand.

Socially Responsible Campaigns

UK university students are highly socially aware and engaged, so campaigns that focus on social responsibility or sustainability can be highly effective at resonating with this demographic. Whether it's a campaign focused on reducing plastic waste or supporting a local charity, socially responsible campaigns can help to build positive associations with your brand among students.

Influencer Partnerships

Influencer marketing is highly effective at reaching UK university students, and out-of-home advertising can be a great way to amplify the impact of your influencer partnerships. By featuring influencer content on digital screens on campus, you can increase the reach and engagement of your campaign, while also building credibility and trust with students.

Targeted Messaging

Finally, targeted messaging is key when it comes to engaging UK university students with out-of-home advertising. By tailoring your messaging to the interests and values of this demographic, you can create a more relevant and engaging campaign that resonates with students. Additionally, by targeting specific campuses or locations, you can increase the effectiveness of your campaign and maximise your return on investment.

Overall, UK university students are a unique demographic that require a unique approach to advertising. With RockBox's digital screens on campus, you can reach this demographic in a cost-effective and impactful way. So, let's rock the advertising game and reach UK university students like never before!


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