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The January Refresher's Phenomenon, Advertising to Students on Campus

As the festive season winds down and the new year unfolds, there's a unique buzz in the air within UK universities. January marks the return of students after the Christmas break, and with it comes a prime opportunity for advertisers to captivate their audience. At RockBox Advertising, we understand the significance of this period, and we're here to guide you on why advertising during the January Refreshers is a strategic move for any brand targeting the vibrant university demographic.

The Return of Students

After the festive hiatus, students flood back onto university campuses nationwide, ready to kickstart the new term. The post-Christmas return sees a surge in energy and anticipation, creating a dynamic environment where messages are more likely to be noticed and absorbed.

According to Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), the total student population in the UK reached 2.4 million in the 2020/21 academic year.

Reinvigorated Spending Power

With the excitement of a new term, students are eager to make purchases, from essentials to treats and indulgences. This period represents a significant spike in consumer activity, making it an opportune time for brands to showcase their products or services.

The National Union of Students (NUS) reports that the average student spends around £220 per week on living costs, providing ample room for brands to tap into this spending power.

Captive Audience on Campus

Universities become a hub of activity during January Refreshers, with students attending events, societies, and catching up with friends. Capitalising on this captive audience through on-campus advertising ensures that your message reaches its intended recipients when they are most engaged and receptive.

According to UCAS, 76% of students live on or near their university campus during term time, offering advertisers a unique opportunity to target a concentrated audience.

Academic Year Planning and Decision-Making

The start of a new term is not only a time for social reconnection but also for academic planning and decision-making. From choosing extracurricular activities to mapping out the semester, students are in a mindset that is conducive to considering new possibilities and opportunities.

UCAS data indicates that January is a critical period for university applications, with thousands of students finalising their choices during this time.

The Impact of RockBox Digital Screens and 6 Sheet Posters

RockBox Advertising provides a dynamic platform for your brand to shine during the January Refreshers. Our digital screens and 6 sheet posters strategically placed across UK universities ensure that your message is visible, memorable, and effective.

A study by Nielsen found that out-of-home advertising, such as digital screens and posters, increases brand awareness by 42%, making it a powerful channel for reaching and resonating with your target audience.

The January Refreshers period in UK universities presents a golden opportunity for advertisers to connect with the student demographic. At RockBox Advertising, we offer the ideal platform to showcase your brand during this dynamic time. Seize the moment, leverage our prime locations, and let your message reverberate through the student community.

Don't miss out on the January Refreshers rush – partner with RockBox Advertising and make your brand the talk of the campus! Say hello,


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