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Rugby World partnership on World Cup content

Updated: May 15, 2020

TI Media Ltd title Rugby World recently partnered with RockBox OOH to deliver World Cup news, stats and updates to students throughout the tournament.

The partnership used RockBox’s new digital screen network in the student-themed Common Room chain of bars operated by Stonegate. Running over 120 variants of creative, the screens broadcast match results, news headlines and updates to the bar’s occupants nationally with regional variations focusing on national teams in Wales and Scotland. The animated copy provided a reactive update followed by a call to action to Rugby World’s social channels.

Rugby World editor Sarah Mockford said: “The World Cup is a huge event in our calendar and we wanted to use this as an opportunity to engage a new audience and hopefully convert them into Rugby World readers. We’ve had a team in Japan covering games throughout so we liked the idea of providing a glimpse of our content in a high dwell time bar environment.

“The partnership presented us with an opportunity to do this in an innovative way and gain uplift on our social and online channels. Our goal was to get students talking with each other about the tournament and then coming to us for more insight.”

David Lightfoot, the Creative Solutions lead at RockBox commented, “We knew the World Cup would provide a rare 9 AM start that students would actually get up for and be a hot talking point through the rest of the week. Having just launched a new network of screens in the bars, we were looking for a way to showcase their dynamic capabilities in a fun way, while also making them part of the informal environment Stonegate had created to suit students. We wanted the audience to view the screens as they would Sky Sports News on a standard TV and not as an alien entity popping up in their local.

“I think this kind of informative content is a great complement to the bars and champions the philosophy of providing something useful to an audience in your advertising message.

It’s our hope that this kind of reactive broadcasting could be the start of some great collaborations between OOH media and content publishers, this could lead to some authentic opportunities for brands.”

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