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RockBox Help Enter Shikari to #1 Album Spot

At RockBox, we specialise in outdoor advertising with digital screens in, Music Venues, Pubs, HMV shops and Universities throughout the UK.

Our goal is to help our clients reach a large audience and generate buzz around their products, events, releases and services. It's an ideal format for music release to reach a wide engaged audience.

Recently, we had the pleasure of advertising the release of the latest album from Enter Shikari - "A Kiss to the World" - which has just reached the number 1 spot on the UK Album charts.

The album tipped a release by the band, 1975 by just 800 copies. Working alongside Brotherhood Media, we were just one part of a much wider campaign, but we would like to think that we helped the band reach their first ever No.1. That and.... it's a blooming great album 🤘

Some stats from the campaign:

  • x49 HMV Digital screens

  • 1.87 million estimated footfall

  • x150 screens in Music Venues, Student Pubs and Universities

  • 3.1 million Estimated footfall

21.7 million, total combined estimated impacts 🤯

Here's a quick vid recapping some of the activity. Music by Enter Shikari, A Kiss to the Whole World.

We understand the power of reaching people where they are. Our digital screens are strategically placed in high-traffic areas where people can't help but notice them. In the case of Enter Shikari's "A Kiss to the World," we displayed advertisements on our screens in HMV shops, music venues, pubs and universities across the country. This ensured that the release and cover artwork was seen by a large number of people who were already interested in music and likely to be fans of the band or at least be more inclined to take interest.

Our impact went beyond just reaching a large audience. The nature of digital allowed us to use share of voice dynamically to build up to the release and run the ads more frequently during the first key 7 days of release. This helps maximise budget and also plays into the way the UK album chart is defined. On the week of release our screens were playing out at 50% total share of voice, which sends frequency through the roof and makes it almost impossible not to know about the album at over 100 locations where the ads played out.

At RockBox, we are proud to be part of the success story of Enter Shikari's "A Kiss to the World." We believe that our outdoor advertising is an effective way to reach a large audience, generate buzz, and increase awareness. If you are looking to promote your product or service to a large audience, give us a shout 🙌


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