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RockBox teams up with War Child to Reach Students and Gig Goers

RockBox Advertising, the leading provider of digital advertising screens in grassroots music venues and universities across the UK, has announced a new partnership with War Child, a renowned charity dedicated to supporting children affected by war. RockBox has chosen War Child to support for the next 12 months with dedicated space made available on Music Venue and University digital advertising screens.

War Child has a long-standing history of collaboration with the music industry, working alongside artists, labels, and industry professionals for over three decades. Through the release of records and the organisation of unforgettable shows, War Child has successfully raised funds and awareness to provide vital support to children enduring the devastating consequences of war.

This exciting partnership between RockBox Advertising and War Child aims to leverage the power of digital out of home advertising to amplify the charity's events and initiatives. RockBox will donate advertising space on their digital screens, enabling War Child to promote their various event series and music initiatives for an entire year. This should significantly enhance the visibility and reach of War Child's campaigns, especially in live music venues, enabling them to engage a wider audience and further their mission of assisting children affected by conflict.

Among the remarkable events series that War Child organises are BRIT's Week, Day Of The Girl, and Safe & Sound. These initiatives not only provide unforgettable experiences for attendees but also serve as crucial fundraising platforms for the charity. Additionally, War Child has launched innovative music projects such as War Child Records and The Right To Dance, which foster creativity and empower young musicians while supporting the organisation's charitable endeavours.

Check out the screens, live now in Music Venues and running until summer 2024. For more info,


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