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RockBox Supports CeraVe's UK Campus Tour

Updated: May 10

CeraVe is continuing to engage with UK students to help educate on the benefits of its dermatologist developed skincare. They are on a mission to empower UK students with knowledge about the benefits of effective skincare routines.

CeraVe's recent University tour, held at the end of April and early May, was a huge success on campus, and was supported with a strategic partnership with RockBox and our campus digital screens.

Prior to the event, RockBox collaborated with CeraVe to pre-promote the tour through custom-tagged artwork tailored to each campus, raising awareness and generating anticipation among students. The adverts played out on 78 screens over 1.5 million times at the x10 selected campuses.

Reaching just just under 300,000 students on campus.

Following the event, RockBox seamlessly transitioned to brand messaging, ensuring that CeraVe remained top-of-mind for students as they considered incorporating the brand into their skincare regimes.

This strategic approach to post-event promotion aimed to increase brand frequency and enhance the likelihood of student engagement with CeraVe products. The OOH Support was planned by EssenceMediacom.

‘I’ve been extremely pleased with how our CeraVe Blemish campaign has turned out, with Rockbox playing a crucial role in hitting our student target audience. Their hands on and constantly helpful approach has been pivotal in making this campaign run smoothly, with the tour being a great success. I’m looking forward to more campaigns in the future and tapping further into this crucial audience!’   - Theo, OOH Planner EssenseMediacomX

The activation was developed by creative agency Backlash, showing a deep understanding for student campus trends. By offering an enlightening and engaging experience, Backlash brought a refreshing approach to campus activations, leaving a lasting impression on students and reinforcing CeraVe's commitment to skincare education.

With our extensive presence in UK universities, RockBox is perfectly positioned to support on-campus activations like the CeraVe University tour.

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