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RockBox partners with HMV on a new retail DOOH network

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

RockBox is pleased to announce a new outdoor advertising partnership with HMV, allowing brands to reach audiences on the high street from the unique voice that HMV has in both music and retail culture. The new HMV Shop is primarily based on the idea of community and fandom first, we believe this is a perfect match to our other OOH networks allowing brands to engage hard to reach audiences in music venues and universities.

The HMV network comprises of street facing large LED window displays with supporting in store screens at key footfall points, such as the till area.

Why HMV?

RockBox started as a music venue fly posting company over 20 years ago and has built up a digital advertising network that encompasses iconic UK music venues and Universities. HMV is the perfect partner to increase our reach with music audiences and engage “fans” with relevant content and brands.

HMV has returned to the high street in a huge way with over 100 stores now open. The iconic brand is back with somewhat of a twist and you will find your next trip both nostalgically familiar and a little different, everything is on offer from tech, posters and vinyl to American sweets and quirky Marvel collectables. The iconic British store is back and it has carved out a unique position for itself as a retail destination for all ages. Definitely a place to check out and a breath of fresh air to the high street. HMV is also bringing back in store live music with regular events and signings. We are looking forward to checking out IOW's own Wet Leg in store in Birmingham on April 12th - Check out what's coming up here.

HMV Managing Direct, Phil Halliday commented,

Our collaboration with Rockbox is a very exciting step forward in our fandom strategy, enabling us to broaden the range of messaging for our customers beyond that linked only to physical product, in a dynamic and exciting way that improves the retail experience itself. We look forward to them bringing new and relevant partners into the HMV environment.”

(Image Credit @HMV_Southampton)

What’s even more exciting is that the public seem to agree, we are just selling the ad space so why trust us right? In February 2022 (note, not December Xmas shopping), we tracked over 1.5 million journeys past the advertising screens across just x16 of the stores where we had screens installed, using both built in beacon tech and also 3rd party verification from mobile data. This is a vast audience with over 3 million impacts and we are excited to see what we can reach as we continue to grow the network.

There's a great article here giving a Gen Z's take on their first visit to HMV:

'I went to HMV on a Wednesday afternoon in February to see who shops there when it isn't Christmas and I was surprised by how busy it was' Beth Gulliver for

(Image Credit: Beth Gulliver MyLondon.News)

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