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RockBox Partners with 90min Football to Deliver World Cup Content

We were pleased to work with 90min Football again over the recent World Cup. Working reactively on breaking news, stats and results we were able to update the screens on a daily basis with fresh original content.

⚽ 4 weeks 📆

⚽ 140 screens in 68 locations ▶

⚽ 34 million seconds of screen time ⌛

⚽ Approx 5 million footfall journeys by the screens 👁‍🗨👁‍🗨👁‍🗨

⚽ 35 unique pieces of content reacting to breaking news 🆕

The World Cup has been absolutely huge for RockBox. The busiest we've ever seen the Pub network. Having Minute Media onboard allowed us to run the perfect blend of relevant content and World Cup related advertising.

The campaign ran across the entire Pub and University screen network attracting extra eyeballs and adding value to advertising bookings. We love this kind of content and it fits with our mission to make the screens a useful and entertaining part of their environment, be that a student common room or a busy match day pub. We especially loved sharing Insta stories from The Player's Trubute, 90min's sister company. These longer format creatives ran at around 20 to 25 seconds on a lower SOV and featured subtitled interview extracts with players. They were a great way to draw attention pre match and demonstrated that the screens are a perfect extension for this kind of social content.

It was a team effort with the 90min editorial team working directly with RockBox marketing and ops team to provide regular content with rapid and automated changes.

It was great to explore the potential of our existing servers and kit and we learned that there is so much they can do without it being overly complex. We can see this being very effective on other advertising and content campaigns. Imagine a daily deal update or a countdown for a Black Friday sale with a different offer each day?

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