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RockBox Grows on Campus

Freshers' 2023 has been absolutely huge for RockBox with over 70 unique campaigns running on campus, we will run through the highlights in a different post. While that was all going on we actually expanded our campus presence quite significantly.

Here's a look at the new sites.

Edinburgh Students' Association:

We went big here with 12 new screen installed. This is the main social area for Edinburgh University and attracts a huge number of students daily. Using large free standing screens in the common areas supported with large wall mounts in the walk ways and entrance areas. The combined effect is impressive reaching over 49,000 students and 293,000 impacts every two weeks.

And here's a little walk through on insta when we installed in early September:

Chichester Students' Union:

Another new addition to the network. We installed two large wall mounted screen in the main entrance to the SU bar and next to the bar itself. This is complemented with three new large 6 sheet panels creating the perfect blend of static and digital to reach Chichester students. The footfall is high here for a smaller campus and students make over 40,000 journeys through the SU every two weeks achieving nearly 150,000 impacts on our sites.

Cardiff Students' Union:

We also expanded our reach on campus at Cardiff University with the addition of two new large free standing screens, to make a total of four. These new screens are strategically placed to reach the high footfall on campus with over 33,000 students making 78,000 journeys through the SU every two weeks.

Glyndwr Students' Union, Wrexham:

This is a great campus that's always buzzing with activity and right next to the home of Ryan Rynolds, the Race Course. We added two new wall mounted screens into the busy bar, one on the way in one on the way out. Perfect for match days with a huge screen in the bar and what seems like Wrexham football songs on a 24 hour loop. If Ryan did want to comment, which he didn't as we didn't ask, he might say that these are a great complement to the three static 6 Sheets we have at the same location. Reaching over 25,000 footfall every two weeks and nearly 80,000 impacts.

Aberdeen Students' Union:

Here again we added additional large wall mounted screens. In total we now have four screens and five 6 Sheet posters at Aberdeen University. Picking up over 45,000 journeys every two weeks and 140,000+ impacts, this is an often overlooked campus that is well worth considering on media plans.

That's all for now, OH, we also installed over 20 new sites in music locations, alas my thumbs are tired and we will cover that in another article.

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