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Rockbox Campus Survey Findings: Brands, Housing and Travel

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

This survey was conducted through November 2020 delivered through a combination of QR code direct prompts on our screens and through official Students’ Union social media channels. The respondents come from a cross section of our locations in England, Wales and Scotland.

The survey covers some key brand areas for 2021 and usage levels of certain brands, travel plans, festival plans, accommodation and mobile phones. We are sharing some results here to help our partner agencies plan campaigns.

For the full presentation deck, which you can lift info from, please email us on or use the contact form below.

Most students are planning on returning to campus in January. This has now been reinforced by the government's announcement on Monday 23rd November, in which Boris Johnson stated that students will be able to return after the break and have access to rapid testing.

We asked the all important question for accommodation bookings...

When do they actually start planning where they will live next year?

Historically this always falls in the new year and in recent years there’s been a drive to capture their attention right from fresher’s. Our results suggest that November to February is the key period with the Xmas break likely being a peak period with extra time to research options.

The battle of the Streamers

On the streaming front we saw Spotify, Netflix and Amazon come out as clear winners on campus. Free to view services like BBC iPlayer lagged someway behind.

TRAVEL: 89% came back saying they would like to travel in 2021 and it’s all about the beach!

This is no huge surprise given the last 8 months, but what is interesting is how clearly skewed the results are to short term travel and beach holidays in 1st and 2nd years. The rise of the beach holiday has replaced longer haul summer travel and work abroad schemes for those not in their final year. The anticipated lower number of summer internships available likely also contributes to this rise.

This should be noted in campaign planning across relevant tourism clients. Like many student marketing companies, we run a lot of campaigns focussed on gap years and long haul travel after uni, but it’s rare to see a Jet2, Easy Jet campaign or a package beach holiday advertised in a students’ union. The market is there for it!

It's also looking great for UK Festivals this summer with over 69% saying they would attend. This might also be worth considering, if international travel is allowed, for European festivals.

For the full report and all the areas covered, including mobile phones and insurance, please email us on or use the contact form below.


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