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RockBox announce a new sustainable print partnership

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

RockBox is pleased to announce that all our posters going forward will now be printed by MediaCo and are fully sustainable.

From the recyclable poster panel, to the ink in the poster, our 6 sheet sites are fully sustainable across all of locations in music venues and universities.

Paul Carr from RockBox commented:

MediaCo has been pioneering sustainable printing and all their material is 100% recycled and recyclable. The inks used in printing are also environmentally friendly and made from natural ingredients with no nasties that might find their way into wildlife or the ocean.

Switching to fully sustainable printing has been a long time ambition and we are delighted to be able to offer brands a full environmentally friendly solution. When we first launched the network, we chose to work with recyclable material for the panel frames. Recent developments in printing now allows the entire process to be sustainable down to the ink.

“Every part of the RockBox poster panel is recyclable which is why this panel gets our seal of approval”

Head of Sustainability – NUS

“The manufacture of this paper is part of MediaCo’s commitment to offering our partners the most sustainable solutions and supply chain and was 6 months of R&D with a lot of testing required to get us to a product of high enough grade to meet advertising display needs. For the first time collected papers are de-inked and repurposed to create a new product. 100% vegetable inks are used in the printing process to make this the most environmentally friendly product in OOH production. We are now able to offer this product to our clients to help them meet their environmental ambitions whilst losing none of the colour vibrancy they would expect of a campaign delivered by MediaCo.”

Paul Honey, Managing Director MediaCo Production

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