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How many students are back at uni now?

Happy New Year all, it’s back to the grindstone for RockBox as we look forward to a busy year on campus.

We’ve been in contact with our university partners to find out what the general learning processes and guidelines are on campus for the new year. The majority of the universities are expecting students to be returning to campus for face to face learning but with precautionary measures in place such as face masks, social distancing and regular testing.

The consensus is that universities are looking to ‘get on with it’, there are no new restrictions in place, all will be monitoring covid cases and guidelines, ready to make a change if needed. Many of the unis have mentioned that they are also expecting more international students to return to campus too and an increase in overall student numbers. While this may read like an overly optimistic assessment, it is in line with the national consensus as we emerge from the winter spike in cases and hopefully can now look forward to some normality in spring.

Our current campus footfalls are based on 3rd party verification carried out November 1st to November 15th 2021. This is a fairly typical period on campus where you might call it business as usual after the peak footfall of September. We estimate that from the first week of February 2022, most students will have returned to campus and this November footfall data should be an accurate guideline to live footfall, we will be carrying out a new 3rd party sweep at this time also to verify and updating our estimates from mid Feb.

Hopefully that helps, we have loads of new developments with new screens on campus, in student pubs, university halls and music venues.

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